Best Gas Log Splitter

This is another product of the log splitter which is used to cut the long wood with the help of gas power and it is known as the gas log splitter. This is a very old method for cutting of long wood with the help of gas. This is very useful for the user to cut the wood without any kind of help from other peoples. During the ancient age, people use only this kind of method to cut the wood from the long trees because this kind of method is cheap and efficient for the user.

Best Gas Log Splitter Comparison Chart

  • Dirty Hand Tools 100171 22 Ton
  • 22-Ton ,6.5 HP 196 cc Kohler engine
  • Horizontal and vertical splitting,10.9 second cycle time down
  • 4 in. diameter cylinder with 24 in. stroke,2 stage 13-GPM pump
  • Star Rating - 4.7
  • Champion Power Equipment No.90720 Gas Powered
  • 7 Ton ,80cc OHV Engine
  • 20 second cycle time, Cast Iron Sleeve
  • 3" x 17.7" hydraulic cylinder, 2 Stage Hydraulic pump - 3 GPM - 3000 maximum psi
  • Star Rating - 4.8
  • Champion Power Equipment #100133
  • 20 Ton ,196cc OHV Engine
  • 18 second Cycle time , Cast Iron Sleeve
  • 2 Stage Hydraulic pump - 8 GPM - 3600 maximum psi, 2" ball hitch, 4" x 21" hydraulic cylinder,
  • Star Rating - 1.0
  • Champion Power Equipment No.92221
  • 22 Ton ,196cc OHV Engine
  • 14 second Cycle time , Cast Iron Sleeve
  • 2 Stage Hydraulic pump - 11 GPM - 3500 maximum psi, 2" ball hitch,4" x 23" hydraulic cylinder
  • Star Rating - 4.6

Top Rated Gas Log Splitters Reviews


Champion Power Equipment 22 Ton Log Splitter:-skid steer log splitter

This is one of the best product which is based on the gas to cut the long and big wood and it is so attractive product that the user gets attract from it. Gas is the main part of the product as if gas it is not there then the product cannot work. This gas wood splitters also have so many features that make this product so impressive and those features are, first we talk about the size of the Champion Power Equipment No.92221 and it is calculated as the  44.7 x 19.5 x 14 inches which are very big in size and it was not so movable product. The user has to keep the product on one place, now we talk about the weight of the gas-powered log splitter are 143.3 pounds and that is very much heavy product and it is very difficult for one person to carry this product.

Now we are going to talk about the performance of the product and it was noticed that it can cut 22-ton wood in one cycle time and one cycle time is calculated to 14 seconds. That means this can cut 22-ton wood in just 14 seconds. Now we are going to discuss the engine of the Champion Power Equipment No.92221 then it has 196 CC including with OHV Engine which also includes the cast Iron sleeve, which helps the product to give power. It also has some more features that are it has 2 stages hydraulic pump and also it has 11 GPM. It also has the Towable trailer which includes 2 ball hitches also. And if we talk about the tires of the product then it is DOT approved tires. The company gives 1-year warranty to the user so that if there is any kind of problem then it easily solve without investing any kind of money.


Dirty Hand Tools 100171 22 Ton Log Splitter with Kohler Engine:-harbor freight log splitter

This is another product of the gas-powered log splitter and it is also one of the best and very useful product in the market of the log splitter and this product is known as the dirty hand tools because this product can easily cut any kind of thing which is ready to cut, that why the company name this product as the dirty hand tools 100171 with the Kohler engine, which is very powerful gas engine and can easily cut the wood weighted around 22 tons in just a few seconds. This product has a very powerful engine which is calculated as the 196 CC kholer engines which are so strong and very easy to use and cut the woods smoothly and very nicely. This kind of log splitter is used to cut the wood in both the direction that is it can cut the wood in the vertical direction as well as it can cut the wood in the horizontal direction also. This is also very fast cutter of the log and it can cut the 22-ton log in the time cycle of cutting which is calculated to 10.9 seconds, that is very fast cutting of wood with full safety and effectively also.As we talk about the dimension of the product then it is calculated as the 4 inches diameter with the 24 inches stroke can easily fit in the gas splitter. It has a very good space for the cylinder that the cylinder can easily be fitted in this gas powered log splitter. There is also one pump in this product which is calculated up to 2 stage of 13 GPM pump in this machine. This splitter has become a famous and very much useful product and also it look too attractive, which easily attract the user.


Champion Power Equipment No.90720 Gas Powered Log Splitter, 7-Ton:-gas log splitter

Now there is one more product which is also used with help of gas to split the log of wood and it is also one of the best products on the line of the gas-powered log splitter. This kind of splitter breaks all records in the splitting the wood, that why the company gave the name to the product as the champion Power log splitter which can be used the gas power to split the wood. If we talk about the size of the hydraulic cylinder which is used in the product Champion Power Equipment No.90720 then it is calculated as the 3″ x 17.7″ and it can cut the 7 ton of wood in just 20 seconds of the cycle time and with the perfect and effectiveness. This time cycle of cutting the log is not so fast, however, the work is done with perfections.

The power of the engine which is used in this log splitters calculated 80 CC ohv engine and it includes one more thing which makes this engine more powerful is that it has iron sleeve cast on the body of the engine which gave power to the engine and it will make the product more powerful and due to these features this product become the champion in all the gas log splitter. There is also one pump included in this product which is 2 stage hydraulic pumps which is also one of the important parts of the log splitter with this there is also 3 GPM with 3000 maximum psi and with this, it will be the more powerful product. This Champion log splitter which used gas to cut the log up to 19.7 of the length and it can cut the log up to 80 lbs. The company gives the 1-year warranty to the product and also advice the user to change the product if there is any kind of problem occurs within 1 year.


Champion Power Equipment No 92221 Splittertroy-bilt 27-ton gas log splitter

This robust gas stimulated log splitter is one of the most reliable products offered by the Champion Power Equipment company crafted to slice down even the most stubborn wood logs smoothly. Characteristics of having the above gas log splitter Performance level count up to 22 ton- This gas splitter is available with the 22-ton performance level. This feature of the splitter makes it trustworthy for heavy duty, and the model can split down logs as long as 16 inches to 24 inches and weigh about 100 pounds. A 196cc Champion single cylinder supports the splitter and has a four-stroke OHV engine which takes 14 seconds to complete a cycle time. Easy to tow- A 2 inches ball hitch coupler and the DOT approved wheels turn this unit into a towable trailer which can be conveniently carried anywhere with a maximum speed of 45 mph. Follow vertical and horizontal operating method- This is a user-friendly unit allowing the user to use the machine either vertically or horizontally which is convenient for the user thus making the log splitting task easy which otherwise would be exhausting. Safe to use- This equipment comes with safety features such as a log stripper and skewed wedges to ensure wood splits do not block the system during the splitting operation. Besides, having two log catchers on either side to store the split wood pieces securely. Thus ending the chances of getting injured while cutting the logs. Not a threat to the environment- Though the champion power equipment no 92221 is gas operated log splitter still it is environmentally friendly because the level of its emission is quite small as compared to the other gas log splitters.


The unit comes with a power package of ultimate agility, high power, and lasting durability. This model is capable of splitting wood logs as thick as 100 pounds. The 2 inches ball hitch and two Dot approved wheels makes the machine convenient to move anywhere. The shut auto characteristic minimizes the chances of the product getting damaged when running on little oil.


Southland Outdoor Power Equipment SLS20825gas powered log splitters for sale

This 25-ton gas was operated log splitter as the name suggests capable of producing 25 ton of pressure that means it is ideal for heavy duty and is perfect for commercial use. Even used for residential purposes. Since this machine works in both vertical and horizontal directions, it becomes easy for the user to use it according to his needs and saves him from unnecessary weariness.

Superior engine

The engine installed in the SLS20825 is of a premium quality it is a 280cc OHV engine which is good at producing the pressure of 25 tons that splits even large wood branches into logs of various sizes within seconds. Each cycle time of the machine is16 seconds which is quite fast and enhances the efficiency. When the engine is load free, it functions at a speed of 3750 RPM and uses regular unleaded gasoline it can take in 2.6 liters of gasoline.


Though from its big size, it seems difficult to move such a massive machine weighing 199kg, to the utter surprise of the user it a towable trailer.The 2 inches coupler hitch with two large wheels of size 16 inches x 4.8 helps to move this unit conveniently at a towing speed of 45 miles per hour. Functions in both ways vertically/horizontally This feature of the model is of huge help as it doesn’t let the user do the heavy splitting work in the same position for a longer period, thus saving him from the unnecessary strain and stress. In no time this flexible machine can swap the position of vertical to horizontal allowing the user to place the heavy wood logs under the wedge without worrying about the lifting of the logs.

Technical Details of this model

The proficient internal oil delivery system of the model gives the additional lubrication to the internal engine bearings for a long-running engine and the reduction of unnecessary heat build-up. The machine comes with an 8 inches large wedge that is made up of hardened steel. This steel wedge assists the hydraulic piston to split apart the logs effortlessly. This log splitter can efficiently split logs that are 26 inches long The overall weight of the machine is 473.6 pounds. This device has the dimensions of 75 x 18.7 x 29.1 inches.

Final words:-

Gas wood splitters come with enormous benefits firstly they split the big woods and tree branches into different manageable sizes as required by the users without letting the body of the user suffers from strain or face vibrations while operating the log splitters.Secondly, since these log splitters are fuel powered, they can chop an uncountable woods into small logs within no time thus saving precious time for the consumers without letting the user get tired. However, opting a log splitter is entirely a personal choice depending on the individual needs a buyer can buy the gas wood splitter of his choosing. These gasoline based splitters perfect for heavy wood splitting duties they can split stubborn wood logs like knotty pieces into small logs effortlessly.Moreover, they are portable and can be moved freely anywhere.

After a detailed research, the best gas log splitters got selected, the first one being Champion Power Equipment No 92221 Splitter this splitter biggest advantage is that it is easy to assemble as well works in both the horizontal and vertical directions that let the user work in any direction he desires. The second is the Southland Outdoor Power Equipment SLS20825 this splitter has great mobility and comes with a powerful engine that is capable of creating 25 tons of pressure needed for big wood splitting jobs. Again, it is entirely personal preference after what type of gas log splitter one is.