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Log Splitter is the device for anybody who finds them cutting down and splitting logs. Electric Log Splitter is often used in business environments for your work area to look attractive you; you need a wood splitter to cut those trees. Wood splitter makes the light labor of chopping wood, provides you with better safety, reduces the physical damage using axe places on your back. Most wood splitter is easy hydraulic devices and is typically powered by electric mains or small petrol engine. The hydraulic device pushes the log beside pointed axes like blade which cuts the log in two.

These machines are best suitable for people who desire to split wood inside a garage, hut or shelter. As they produce no gas, they are ideal for this purpose. For commercial log splitter are used for cutting down big trees to a size that is more suitable. So our log splitter reviews will assist you to make the ideal choice and decide which product is correct for you.

Best Log Splitter Reviews, Rating & Comparison

  • Powerhouse XM-380 7-Ton Electric Hydraulic Log Splitter
  • Motor 3HP, 7 Ton, 2500 Watt, 3500RPM
  • Hydraulic, and Portable Electric Log Splitter
  • Log Cutting Capacity: up to 20.5" in Length and 12" in Diameter
  • Star Rating - 4.6
  • WEN 56206 6-Ton Electric Log Splitter
  • Motor 2HP 15A, 6 Ton
  • Fume-Free Operation,Never-Flat Wheels
  • Log Cutting Capacity: up to 20.5" in Length and 10" in Diameter
  • Star Rating - 4.3
  • Boss Industrial ES7T20 Electric Log Splitter
  • Motor 2HP 15A, 7 Ton
  • One Handed Operation,Automatic ram return
  • Log Cutting Capacity: up to 20.5" in Length and 10" in Diameter
  • Star Rating - 4.4
  • Pow' R' Kraft 65556 Electric Log Splitter
  • Motor 1.75HP 15A, 4 Ton
  • All steel construction for a long working life
  • Log Cutting Capacity: up to 20" in Length and 10" in Diameter
  • Star Rating - 4.4
  • Pow' R' Kraft 65575 2-Speed Electric Log Splitter
  • Motor 3HP,15Amp 7 Ton
  • All steel construction for a long working life
  • Log Cutting Capacity: up to 20" in Length and 12" in Diameter
  • Star Rating - 4.3
  • Sportsman Series LST12 Towable Log Splitter
  • Hydraulic power splits15 Ton
  • Telescoping tongue extends up to 18 Inch
  • Log Cutting Capacity: up to 21" in Length and 12" in Diameter
  • Star Rating - 4.0
  • NorthStar Horizontal/Vertical Log Splitter
  • Engine 270cc, 37 Ton
  • 2-stage pump,Auto idle/throttle control
  • Log Cutting Capacity: up to ?" in Length and ?" in Diameter
  • Star Rating - 4.8
  • Grizzly H8171 Hydraulic/Electric Log Splitter
  • Motor: 1-3/4 HP 15 Amp, 5 Ton
  • Built-in wheels and Handles for portability
  • Log Cutting Capacity: up to 20" in Length and 10" in Diameter
  • Star Rating - 4.8

Top Rated Electric Wood Splitter Reviews


Powerhouse XM 380 7-Ton Electric Hydraulic Log Splitter

The Powerhouse XM-380 is vital in the wood splitters. These Electric Wood Splitters are one of the most environmentally friendly ways to split logs. Powerhouse XM 380 Electric Hydraulic SPLITTER is the least costly splitter which delivers a solid 7 tons of splitting force. This electric log splitter has the rotation time of 15 seconds for fast splitting, which features two-handed security operations that both the hands must be used to operate avoiding any injury and the three horsepower motor runs on 120 volts that will split an 11-inch log. XM 380 Electric Hydraulic Splitter weights about 100 pounds as it of light moveable weight you can take the handle and take it anywhere. It is a dominant as it can split more than a 100 logs in less than an hour without giving physically a backache or pain. The province of this best log splitter is $400 which is very reasonable.best log splitter It is a powerful tool that eliminates injuries and empowers anybody to be able to crack their logs at the comfort of home. This Patented Log splitter is used to function avoiding any injury which mechanically retracts when you remove your hand from the handle so that you can load the next log with least effort an time.It takes about 6 seconds to split a hardwood log with length 20 ½ inch and 12-inch diameter then the ram returns to the new place within 5 seconds ready for your next log. It has left a spectacular thought on the wood split and hearth users around the world and also best selling Wood Splitters.

Features Powerhouse XM 380 Electric Hydraulic Wood Splitters:-

  • Two handle process which reduces less injury
  • Spilt over 100 logs in 60 minutes
  • Motor is 3HP, 7 ton
  • Weight is 104 pounds and portable
  • 2000 watts of electricity
  • Log up to 20.5 inches in length and 12inches broad

WEN 56206 6-Ton Electric Log Splitter

The 6 Ton electric log splitter can spill wood up to 20.5 in length with no gas or oil engine is necessary. It has a separate wood splitter pump and value, regular push plate and built-in log maintain.It makes easier to cut for wood .it uses a reliable two HP, Copper injury motor for soft and well-organized operation. It runs on a home current so it can just be plugged in for suitable operation anywhere. It also prevents cold starts and ensures you because it is safe to utilize both indoors alog splitter partsnd outdoors. A built-in support and guide keep logs directly and on the path so they are split evenly. 6 Ton Electric Log Splitter has wheels on one end and handles on the other making it promising to hit a move around quickly. A powerful 2hp 15amp motor applies up to 12000 pounds of force smoothly splitting any log under 20.5 in length and 10” in diameter. Each boasts fast cycle times and built-in cradles. This gives it secure to use and makes sure your hands keep away from the arm and the lodge. It is `and well balanced and simple to get in the correct spot next to your rounds. The wheels are heavy enough for maneuverability and will never go smooth. Features of 6 Ton Electric Log Splitter:-

  • Have solid wheels
  • 6 tons of splitting force
  • Auto return value products faster cycle times
  • Two handles operation is safer to use
  • Balance design
  • 120v/15amps and dependable

Boss Industrial ES7T20 Electric Log Splitter:-

The Boss Industrial ES7T20 is one of the strongest machines on the market. As the name recommend it is a boss when it comes to electric log splitters. One of the several reasons is its fit the named boss is that it has a mechanical ram which increases its competence levels. This mechanical ram return feature is very helpful in the sense that can decrease the amount of time the machine takes while splitting the log to partially as compared to the time taken by the ordinary Wood Splitters.  This commercial log splitter can spilt logs up to 10 inches in width and is rated at 7 tones of heaviness. The Industrial log splitter offers trouble-free one handed process and portability. Automhome depot log splitteratic ram return allows operators to get jobs one in half the moment. Rough design, specialized grade hydraulics, and superiority craftsmanship ensure that this work steed will keep on splitting. The other enormous thing about the Boss Industrial ES7T20 is that requires one hand operation system whereas most electric log splitters need you to use both hands while operating them. Its design, qualified grade hydraulics, and quality craftsmanship ensure that this work will keep on splitting. The weight of 123 pounds it is effortlessly moveable and even comes with wheels which make it easier for someone to move around it.

Features of Industrial ES7T20 Electric  Log Splitter

  • Mechanical ram return
  • Easier contact to the splitter from a standing pose
  • Professional grade hydraulic system
  • Conveniently located handle
  • Tough rubber wheels
  • Allows you to spilt in garbage
  • One handed operation
  • 2HP electric motor
  • Easy push-button electronic start


Pow’ R’ Kraft  65556 4-Ton 15 Amp Electric Log Splitter:-

Pow R Kraft 65556 Electric Wood Splitter is of 4 tonnes of force this machine, which is sturdy enough to go through any wood .the 4-ton electric wood splitter makes splitting logs a trouble-free task. its 15 AMP, 1.75 HP electrical motor materials enough energy to separate logs as much as 20 inches long and 12 inches in diameter. If offers you the velocity of the 4ton with the added force of 7tion power stroke on demand. It will block into your standard 15amp household container and pto log splitterspilt those 12-18: diameter logs all day extended. Just open the bleed valve, plug it in and split all day down. It spilt with no engine sound or fuels odors and allows you to work your splitter indoors and spilt as required. It is reliable on a 1500watt electric motor that runs on normal household present splits a log up to 20 inches long and 10 inches in diameter. Pow R Kraft 65556 shines as its weight is less than 100 pounds and cheap log splitter. It is accessible in reasonable price tag is enough to tempt the most dedicated hand splitter to give up his wedges and find a 115-volt hole.The Pow R Kraft is silence a hydraulic log splitter motor there is no smoke to inhale. The body of Pow Kraft 65556 Electric Splitter is in steel structure which makes the log splitter powerful and difficult taking into consideration consentient and secure reducing time.

Features of Pw R Kraft 65556 Log Splitter:-

    • 4tons of splitting power
    • Splits log up to 20” long
    • Splits log up to 10” diameter
    • Built-in handle and wheels
    • Two-handed operation keeps hands plain
    • Ground fault circuit protected
    • One year manufacturer’s guarantee
    • Designed for home use
    • Dependable 1500 watt electric motor
    • Rotation time is 7seconds forward and 8 seconds reverse
    • Just splits experienced wood into smaller size and these feature makes it best electric log splitter

Pow’ R’ Kraft 65575  7-Ton 15 amp Electric Log Splitter:-

The Pow R Kraft is an outstanding product that offers a 2-speed motor which allows you to simply control the quantity of force depending upon the sum the log spilt. This 7 ton electric log splitter makes splitting a log an easy job. The 15 amp, 3HP electric motor provides sufficient power to spilt log up to 20 inches long and 12 inches in diameter.  Splitting logs can be back-breaking work as it can split many logs without any pain strain. Two-handed operation keeps hands clear of action while operating and secure cutting time after time. 7 tons of RAM splitting force gets 7-ton pressure at the single phase power supply. As the wood splitting only requires high force for a short period, higher wood is not needed.swisher log splitter   The unpredictable speed control is the remarkable feature in this electric wood splitter. With the powerful 3 horsepower motor, you can effectively cut any log up to 20″ long and 1″ in diameter. It also offers a ground liability breaker to protect against overload which enables this unit to run on a standard household electrical current. The motor is heavy function and gets the jobs done in less than half the time. It is the tools that you need to make life easier. It is a well-made machine that will last you duration with a little mind. It is perfect for those who need a huge log splitter for big jobs or simply split some wood up from for their hearth.   Features of the Pow R Kraft 65575 Electric Log Splitter:-

    • Powerful 15 AMP, 3 hp
    • 7 Ton splitting power
    • 2-year warranty
    • Rough design
    • Dependable 1500 watt and 2300 during 7-ton cycle
    • It runs on regular household
    • Reliable, safe device
    • Steel structure for long working life

Timberwolf Log Splitter:-

Timberwolf Wood Splitters are made to be extremely tough and built to final a lifetime. All are assembled and committed by hand, ensuring the uppermost quality promising and offers a broad variety of models to suit every need from homesteading to butimberwolf log splittersiness use, it comes in sizes to robust everyone from a weekend fighter to a complete time firewood producer. Timberwolf Wood Splitter is a stylish choice for any size job. It can give up an inspiring amount of split wood. It provides trouble-free level action of the instruction manual or hydraulic log lift, along with the well-organized 4 or 6 way lodge and the convent table grate make benefit over to pick up heavy logs a thing of the past. Timberwolf Log Splitter, firewood processor, and conveyors are the vital machine for people interested in a rough, trustworthy and productive workhouse. These are the most wide-ranging log of splitters in the business.Timberwolf Log Splitters require extra parts that are most frequently purchased including cylinders, hydraulic pumps, mufflers, filters, hoses, valves, and wedges.  

Speciality Of Good Log Splitters: The splitter of woods:-

In today’s world, there is a very great question that what kind of features is there in log splitter which makes the grade. By this question, we are going to give the answer from our guide, and also it tells that what we are looking for a quality log splitter.

    1. The Powerful Motor:  The first feature of best log splitter is its powerful motor. The motor is a very important feature, and a log splitter has a quite strong motor. With the help of hard and wet wood without straining, the motor becomes to stronger. Because of this strongest power, motor everyone chooses this log splitter and only from this powerful motor all kind of work can be done so easily. If you see all the features of the motor which include total RAM splitting force, amps, and total horsepower all are extraordinary.
    • Log Length and Diameter Splitting Range: The second feature of the best wood splitter is its Log Length And Diameter Splitting Range. With the help of this log length and diameter, the work can be done easily and quickly. It can cut the wood of any kind size and very easily.
    • Wheels for Portability And Ball Hitches For Towing: As we talk about the health of the splitter then the Wood splitter roll into a shed or garage from which it can be protected from the elements. 3 point log splitterOnly a single person can handle log splitter it may be a man or women or they can easily move the splitter to a safe place with the help of its wheels. There is one more feature in this splitter is that if you want to TOW you log splitter, then you can do it easily without facing any problem.
    • Fast Cycle Times: This is the best feature of any splitter in the market. High-quality Log Splitter can do more work in less time and with great efficiency. Within 15 seconds of time, you can find the efficiency and the productivity. It has a great power that it split more woods in a very less time. Electric log splitter has fast cycle times then another home-made log splitter like manual hydraulic log Splitter etc.
    • All Steel Construction: The design of Log Splitter is fantastic, and it is completely made up of with steel which is more durable. From this durability, it becomes one of the leading brands in wood splitting. From this design made up of steel give a long life and it works year to year.
    • Warranty, Manufacturer, and Amazon Review Score: These three features are very much important because there should be 1-year warranty and also read all the review because it is essential to make good on from the warranty claims. Also, it is important that you should buy from the reputed manufacturer so that in future if you have any problem then it is easily sorted out. There are some example of good manufacture they are Troy-Belt, POW ‘R’ Craft, Powerhouse, WOODEZE, Swisher and huskee log splitter.

Benefits of Best Log Splitter

The best log splitter offers varied benefits its users.There are different types of log splitter available in the market according to power(2 ton to 27-ton log splitter) and operation methods(Electric, Hydraulic, Manual, Gas wood splitter etc).  Some of the major advantages of using a log splitter are as follows

    1. Easiness of moving:-  The main features of quality log splitter are its simple transfer-ability.unicorn log splitter The splitter includes rubber wheels that give you effortlessness of moving tool about for varied application of splitting at different places.
    1. Better performance: –With the use of an Electric log splitter you will be able to boost your efficiency with less time and efforts to cut through a big number of log stock.
    1. Secure device: – It is safer to use for splitting than other tools. All other is the manual tool like a wood splitter ax have the risk of injury, using the manual tool your hand may vibrate as you hit the piece of log hard.So the shock and pressure can have an adverse effect on your muscles and joints .so log splitter is a secure device which also saves you from all such hassles.
    1. Eco-friendly tool:- Top rated Log splitters are environment-friendly tools that get you work done without causing any harm to your environment.


The Wood Chipper shredder or splitter are an asset over the long run and you should make a practical decision that would working environment and compact. The Wood splitter give you enlarged creation and you can split an enormous number of logs so no necessary of your axe. No need to work during the day for splitting wood. So today only get best log splitter and have easy, secure and dependable splitting without facing any painful injuries or aches with lots of devotion of hours of labor.The best log splitter is atmosphere friendly tools that you get your labor done without causing any damage to your surroundings.

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